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New Trends of Business Productivity

3rd March – Women in Business Congress – 4YFN, Mobile World Congress

New Feminine skills and competences as key-assets of the new social and economic paradigm

Connecting Top Corporate Women entrepreneurs and Young Talent

Barcelona: Capital City for Feminine Talent


Today’s moderns business women

About Us

Women Talent Seminar organizes a variety of innovative and comprehensive summits in cutting-edge fields, related to the latest business insights and winning strategies.

Our congresses are unique events aimed at promoting expertise and achievements of the feminine leadership and young entrepreneurship influence the current and future advances of the industry of Innovation & Technology.

Why Innovation & Technology?

Nowadays, factors such as globalization, economic growth and internationalization are driven and supported by ‘Innovation & Technology’; for that reason Women Talent Seminar focuses on these 2 key pillars.

The implementation of ‘Innovation & Technology’ within the corporate world and society allows broader business opportunities and growth.

Corporate Social Responsibility

The Women Talent Seminar foregrounds its commitment to CSR to stimulate member companies, professional women, entrepreneurs and young talent to achieve a successful business in ways that respect ethical values, people, communities, environment and society.

Global Business Women Association

Global Business Women Association, GBWA is a non-profit organization aimed at encouraging and fostering the figure, the skills, the values and the fulfillment’s of both the feminine leadership and young talent, in the industry of Innovation & Technology as well as in the corporate world and current society.

'For Women By Women'

With our group ‘For Women By Women’ we share collaborative vision and support women initiatives from around the world.


Why attend?

The Women Talent Summit will bring together the knowledgeable companies and leaders in order to explore the future trends and latest winning strategies related to our 2 pillars: ‘Innovation & Technology’.

The Summitwill present a new vision to support Business Women & Young Talent, as well as introduce the attendees to compelling business & networking opportunities, which will be maintained by acceding to our Professional & International Platform.



Who attends?

The Women Talent Summit will greet and welcome Corporate & Business Women, Entrepreneurs & Young Talent from different sectors of the industry of Innovation & Technology from 22 different countries.

The Summit attracts leaders from the Innovation & Technology industry, these individuals represent some of the world’s top firms, organizations and women led companies. Our national & international speakers will be talking to our attendees and virtual participants about creating success throughout Innovation and Technology in the business world.


Expand your Knowledge Base by learning from successful stories and exploring trends, opportunities & winning strategies.

Build a sustainable business abroad, facilitated by the access to our Professional & International platform.

Support and be the launching platform of entrepreneurial projects run by and for women.

Connect and do business with other Business Women & Entrepreneurs.

Support and empower projects to aid Women Entrepreneurs in the Third World/Emerging Markets.

Reach around 1 million women around the world.

Date, Location & Time

Date: October 28-29, 2015

Location: Barcelona, Spain

Time: 09:00 – 18:00

Venue: Valkiria Hub Space

This striking venue, focused on the development of women entrepreneurship and young talent, provides professional and high-quality settings for exchanging valuable discussions about the latest innovative trends, and exposing our attendees to stimulating business & networking opportunities.

Upcoming Events

October 28-29, 2014
Women Talent Summit: The Future of Work





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Business Match Tool

The Women Talent Seminar offers the possibility to use our Business Match App, in collaboration with one of our partners.

The application connects our attendees before, during and after the seminar, monitors any innovative-business relationships that emerge and facilitates active networking interaction between attendees.

Interacting with Speakers

The Women Talent Seminar benefits from a variety of national and international keynote speakers, both from the most knowledgeable companies and institutional bodies.

Our congress will allow attendees to learn from successful stories while interacting and sharing with speakers the full values of innovative-business relationships.

Round Table

The Women Talent Seminar will be organizing round tables, enabling Corporate & Business Women, Entrepreneurs & Young Talent to brainstorm, peer-learn, connect and do business among each other.

More information on each program, location and registration will be frequently publicized on our website.




Press & Media

In case you need high quality images or for questions on media accreditation, please contact: 

Carola P. Badua · email: · mobile: +34 660 459 499

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